February 27

Four Fixes for Broken Teeth

The enamel on your teeth is actually very strong but if too much pressure is applied it will break, crack, and even chip. Any time a tooth’s structure is damaged it is a serious condition that needs to be treated professionally and promptly. The longer you want the more serious the damage can be.

Our teeth are unable to heal. Once they are cracked, chipped, or broken the damage is permanent. With the prompt help of a dentist odds are you will be able to keep your tooth and no serious longer term damage will be done. This is why your dentist recommends a custom fitted mouth guards. If you are playing high impact sports you should be wearing proper mouth protection to keep your teeth safe from serious injury.

A damaged tooth is a serious health concern and luckily there are a lot of common safe and quick procedure that can restore your tooth. According to a dentists, in most cases there are four different type of treatments used to fix a damaged tooth.

Filing Down

For small chips and cracks the dentist will simply file down any rough parts and polish the tooth. This will be the tooth solid and protect the tongue from being cut or damaged.


Larger chips and cracks can be fixed with a resin composite compound which is typically used in white fillings. This is a fast why to securely strengthen a broken tooth and it will match your natural tooth color.


Serious cracks and large chips may require capping with a crown. This treatment involves the placing of a natural looking cap over the top of the tooth creating a secure and snug fit.


The most serious injuries injuries may require a dental implant, a partial denture, or even permanent bridge depending on the severity of the damage and the number of teeth involved.

When it comes to your teeth you can not be too careful. Wear mouth protection whenever necessary and always use proper oral hygiene. You can learn more about proper dental care at your next visit to the dentist.

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