March 4

A History of Country Home Decor

Country Home Décor

Even though the majority of people today have spent little to no time living in a legitimate country home, this style of interior design and decorating is a perennial favorite. There is something special about keeping things simple.

A luxurious 200 sq. m. penthouse at the core of the city, with glass and steel structure and dominated by sleek and modern leather and stainless steel furnishings, might be your current permanent address. However, the charm of your ancestral home, situated in the sprawling verdant countryside where you spent your childhood, playing in the mud and picking wildflowers, seems not too distant from your yearning spirit.

Your home, your origin, remains a constant subject of personal musings and the thought of going back brings a certain level of nostalgia that propels you to daydream and yearn for more. Some hearts ache to be with their special someone, others pretend to flee from the inescapable hold of an enchanting place.

It is quite fortunate that most of us embrace the past and wish to go back, while a rare few who long for an interesting past mimic the idea of having one. Even those who love modern interior design can find themselves pining for something to connect them with a simpler time now and then.

It is the gravity of a glorious period that spurs people’s desire to surround themselves with the remnants of history. They adorn their homes with paintings reminiscent of old meetings and rural landscapes of earlier times. They also hang antique sailing maps, farming tools and hunting paraphernalia on the walls to remind themselves of previous lifestyles that have occupied the lives of long-gone people.

The notion of living in the countryside presents a delicate and humble allure that people resonate to. The continuous existence of country home décors in traditional as well as modern homes today is genuine proof of the remarkable reverence of people for all things old and beautiful.

Country home decorating originated from the homes of the people who lived in past decades and centuries. It is a style of decorating that basically roots from the rural regions of any country, the most popular ones being the countryside of America, Sweden and France. The fascinating aspect of country home décor is how it exudes a cheerful and welcoming ambiance that perfectly represents the warm hospitality of country folks.

American Country Décor

The barns and ranch houses of the West shelter genuine American country decors. They are hung on the ceiling, they decorate walls and are distributed in various furniture pieces in the interior rooms of American traditional homes. When they are combined with the dark earth tone colors of the walls and the blue, red and white plaids of the chair upholstery, they blend beautifully and create a rustic and comfortably homey appeal to the space.

The finishes of American country furniture pieces tend to be raw and natural. They emphasize the unique grains of the wood. In order to achieve the look of the furniture pieces during that period, it is necessary to select sofas, armchairs and tables that are unfinished and unpainted.

You can customize your own rough-textured chairs and tables and just add seat cushions that are readily available, or you could try looking in furniture warehouses, stores and flea markets for this type of furniture.

The ceiling structures are usually made of wood slats following the form of the triangular roof with round or half-round wooden beams to interrupt the rigid lines of the slats. Chandeliers made of wrought-iron and antlers can hang from the wood beams to complete the ceiling design. You can opt for the traditional lighting fixtures of that period or settle for a modified and more contemporary version of them such as glass-formed antlers with lights inside them or cylindrical ones with stainless steel detail and support.

The accent furniture pieces such as the antique armoires with heavily soldered joints and bolts, solid wood blanket chests with large exposed nail heads and locks, and roughly carved and unfinished closet cabinets and dressing tables provide excellent additions for the high-ceilinged living room.

You can find genuine antique ones or have carpenters replicate earlier designs.

The installation of window treatments is necessary but only for kitchens or plain living rooms. If you happen to purchase a property that has a spacious ranch at the back then tall glass picture windows without curtains or shades can be used in order to take advantage of the beautifully breathtaking view outside.

Accessorizing with baskets, dried flowers, wood signage, barn stars and wreaths can make a country home take on a consistent Americana feel. Hand-sewn quilts and antique area rugs, when placed in the bedroom and living room, capture the warmth and exuberance that the owners and their guests are looking for when they are immersed in the world of country living.

Perfection is not the aim of country home decorating, imperfect and organized chaos is the principle to achieve. You can break the rigid structure by using mismatched side tables in the living room and dissimilar dining chairs and bed side tables.

The best thing about this style of decorating is having plenty of opportunities and possibilities to personalize. You can use heirlooms that have been handed down from generation to generation and decorate them in the interiors of your house or you can have them replaced by a coffee table, chairs and accessories that have been altered in some way in order to coordinate them to the rural lifestyle.

Swedish country décor

The climate of the region imposes an impact on the lifestyle of the people living in a region which is evident in the daily activities and livelihoods of the residents. In the case of Sweden, having long periods of cold winter made the people adapt to more indoor activities such as sewing, embroidering and engaging in handicraft works.

The products of these resourceful endeavors served as functional elements for the people and most of them turned out to be decorative adornments for the interiors of houses. People who enjoy this style might also want to check out Scandinavian furniture.

The furniture pieces made use of light-colored wood such as pine, beech and birch so that the rooms in the house will appear bright rather than gloomy as a response to the darkness that winter brings.

This type of decorating style made use of multi-functional furniture pieces in order to maximize the limited space. Furnishings include sofa beds, built-in beds that were tucked within the walls if not needed, and free-standing cupboards that serve as storage areas.

Swedish porcelain, wrought iron chandeliers, carved eating utensils and embroidered quilts and fabric are just some of the decors in a Swedish country home.

The chairs and tables had floral and neoclassic carvings and patterns painted on their legs, arms and surfaces. You can possess some of these antique furniture pieces when you select from the products available in furniture showrooms and on the internet. If you prefer a do-it-yourself approach, you can buy unfinished furniture with clean lines and structure and have them coated with solid paint first and hand-painted with any creative design that comes to your mind.

French country décor

The interiors of farmhouses and countryside cottages in France led to the emergence of French country décor. A painting of pastoral and landscape scenes with lavender plantations and vineyards epitomizes the beauty of the French’s way of living in the previous ages.

Pastel shades of blue, purple and pink with bright yellow, soft greens and gold are colors that reside in a French country estate. They manifest themselves in the wallpaper fabrics, upholstery, interior textiles and decorative accessories inside the home.

You can never go wrong with lavenders. They serve as natural potpourris which improve the scents of fabrics and ornaments within the house. Their images are replicated in pillow and quilt embroideries, subjects of paintings and floral designs found on cups and saucers.

Interior design elements made use of the following materials: matte finished painted wood or unfinished wood in furniture pieces, rusty iron and metal in furnishings and decors, and lacy and feminine fabrics with floral, plaid and striped patterns.

Classical settees and divans with comfortable wing chairs are typical things that you will see in a French interior. They can be of varying designs and colors to avoid becoming monotonous. The more diverse the elements, the more unique combinations they can create.

The wallpaper patterns that you can use to provide the room with a casual charm are floral such as lavender, sunflower and rose, country motif, landscape, orchard images, etc. They should have elaborate yet soft and curvy lines and designs that exude feminine characteristics and old-fashioned glamour.

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December 9

NASDAQ Hacked In 10 Minutes!

A top cybersecurity expert has revealed that the stock exchange’s security is so poor that it took him a mere 10 minutes to hack their systems.
Ilia Kolochenko, head of Swiss information security company High-Tech Bridge, said that despite his repeated warnings, the exchange has done nothing to fix the problem.
According to New York Daily News, Kolochenko has claimed that a good hackers can get full access to in a couple of days with the ability to do almost whatever he wants, such as push an announcement that Facebook shares have dropped 90 percent, which could cause havoc on the stock exchange.
The report said that recently the Nasdaq’s trading was halted because of an incident that the exchange called a ‘technical glitch’ but some computer experts said resembled the work of political hackers.
Kolochenko said that he inputted some code into the website’s script to see if it would be detected before displaying on the site, but it was not, which means that anyone could inject arbitrary HTML code into the site to display malicious information, seek credit card numbers, etc.
Meanwhile, spokesman for Nasdaq said that the exchange responded to Kolochenko’s discovery on September 4 adding that they take all security matters seriously and work with leading security experts to evaluate all credible threats across their digital assets.
The report added Kolochenko saying that an attacker would just send a unique Web address in a private message to Nasdaq technical support or administrators, and with a single click could steal very sensitive information from the browser.
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