December 9

Asian/Pacific/American Institute at New York University Hacked

Asian/Pacific/American Institute at New York University Hacked and Defaced by Iran Hackers?

26:09:2013 , A Breaking News coming out from the Center of New York University , where an Iran Hacker hacked an Official server of NYU and deface the Website of?Asian/Pacific/American Institute , This Website was hosted on the official Server of NYU ( and the specific target of the hacker was , but because of the server security hacker was unable to breach into the main website and he defaced the Subdomain from where he get into.

In the mean time when adding this news , the University Quickly patch up the website by removing the deface .

While going through the source code of the deface page at the hacked website it was found that the website is linking to an external unofficial website? which attains the deface page,

So , it may also hint that the deface was added in the linked Iframe website? is originally hosted on a shared server (easy to hack) and it may have leads to the deface, but in both conditions the NYU was Defaced and taken down by the hackers.

Hacker mention his Contact detail in the deface page :?

Defaced Website :

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