December 9

Archaeological Survey Of India Website Defaced

Archaeological Survey of India Website Defaced by Bangladeshi geeks claiming to be from a team namely Bangladesh Cyber Army

The site remained offline for the whole day and the reason they posted for which they hacked this Gov. site is :

The Border killing and they ask Indian soldiers to stop Innocent Border killings

but guys is it true ???

Answer is NO, no such border killing is reported by any media it’s just so anti-peace elements which posted some fake claims over social networking sites in front of these geeks and they started attacking Indian sites

Some months back when these geeks started such hacks against Indian web servers, many news portals posted a news :

“20,000 Indian sites hacked by Bangladeshi hackers”

as soon as this news was posted i personally approaches some news portals to show a single proof of the websites hacked but the webmasters either ignores or replied a lame thing that they have shared the news posted on other sites.

The reality of that news was around 2,000 Indian sites was hacked in which only 489 sites was mirrored(proof),

In the month of April when Indian BD hackers were fighting a Team of Hackers posted some Confidential Data of President Bangladesh after which apology letter was posted by Bangla hackers for hacking innocent indian sites and a peace was signed in between the Hackers of the two countries .

Further authorities from Bangladesh ask Indian Hackers to stop Cyber attack on them they requested :

“we are very poor country, please stop Cyber attacks on our Country”

But still Bangladesh Hackers are not yet stopped cyber attacks over Indian Cyber space.

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Posted December 9, 2016 by Becky Chavez in category "Security